Policy on Promoting Other Organizations Activities

Among the tasks and objectives of ISIAQ is to increase value to members through various activities that are initiated, promoted or sponsored by ISIAQ. 

ISIAQ receives requests from other organizations and from ISIAQ members to promote their activities. Many of those activities are of value to ISIAQ members. The present policy describes general criteria, by which the promotion of these activities should be undertaken by the ISIAQ Board and the ISIAQ Secretariat. 

Given the wide range of possible activities by numerous organizational types, detailed criteria are not possible and only general guidelines are outlined. 

To be promoted by ISIAQ the activity should be characterized by the following:
The activity should be of significant intellectual or educational value to ISIAQ members. 
The activity should not significantly promote commercial interest, entities or products.
The activity should not conflict with an ISIAQ sponsored event.
Should the request meet the above criteria the VP Policy together with the President of ISIAQ are empowered to make the decision on behalf of the Board. This is to prevent unnecessary delays. 

If VP Policy or the President are uncertain if the activity adequately meets the above criteria, or there is a conflict of interest, they should seek the opinion of the Board and the decision to promote the activity should be taken by a formal vote. 

The activity can be supported by an advertisement published on the ISIAQ webpage, in regular issues of ISIAQ Newsletter, through ISIAQ LinkedIn, Facebook and/or Twitter; email service is not recommended.

The activities requesting co-sponsorship of ISIAQ are treated by a separate policy.

Examples of the potential activities are given below.

Example 1: A company puts on training sessions in IAQ control methods. The instructors are not affiliated with the company and some of the instructors are ISIAQ members in good standing.

Example 2: Job listings/Ph.D. Scholarships.

Corporate and Other Organizational Members
Any reference obtained from this Website to a Corporate/Other Organizational Member does not constitute or imply an endorsement by ISIAQ of the product, process, or service, of its producer or provider. The views and opinions expressed by any Corporate Members do not necessarily state or reflect those of ISIAQ.
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