ISIAQ is excited to announce the reinitializing of the mentorship program! The mentorship program allows students and early-career ISIAQ members to align with senior ISIAQ members, forming a mentor-mentee relationship that can strengthen the society, advance the profession, and build lifelong collaborations and friendships.       

The program will provide mentees with mentorship and guidance from ISIAQ researchers outside of their home institutions, providing them with early career advice, research and publication advice, discussions about current and emerging topics in the indoor environmental science field, and an opportunity for the mentee to network with senior members.            

ISIAQ mentors and students can enroll through registration on the website. ISIAQ will pair up mentor-mentee couples after registration through the website based on the answers in the questionnaire. Meeting opportunities will be organized during Healthy Building and Indoor Air Conferences. Besides the face-to-face contact, the mentors and their mentees are encouraged to interact through e-mail and Skype correspondence. ISIAQ will work to align mentors and mentees and will pose suggestions for monthly discussion topics by e-mail to help initiating conversations among program participants.    

You must be a current society member to participate in this program and view additional details about the mentorship program.  If you are not logged in, you will be prompted to do so.  To sign up as a mentor or student for the mentorship program or to view additional program details, please click here.

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