Past Conferences

The following are lists of previous Indoor Air and Healthy Building Conferences.

Indoor Air

2024Indoor Air 2024Honolulu, Hawaii
2022Indoor Air 2022Kuopio, Finland
2020      Indoor Air 2020Virtual
2018        Indoor Air 2018    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
2016Indoor Air 2016Ghent, Belgium
2014    Indoor Air 2014    Hong Kong
2011  Indoor Air 2011Austin, Texas
2008  Indoor Air 2008Copenhagen, Denmark
2005  Indoor Air 2005Beijing, China
2002 Indoor Air 2002Monterey, California
1999  Indoor Air 1999Edinburgh, Scotland
1996Indoor Air 1996Nagoya, Japan
1993  Indoor Air 1993Helsinki, Finland
1990  Indoor Air 1990Toronto, Canada
1987  Indoor Air 1987Berlin, Germany
1984  Indoor Air 1984Stockholm, Sweden
1981  Indoor Air Pollution, Health and Energy ConservationAmherst, Massachusetts
1978  Indoor ClimateCopenhagen, Denmark


Healthy Buildings

2023Healthy Buildings 2023 AsiaTianjin, China
2023   Healthy Buildings 2023 EuropeAachen, Germany
2021   Healthy Buildings 2021 AmericaVirtual
2021Healthy Buildings 2021 EuropeOslo, Norway
2019  Healthy Buildings 2019 Asia    Changsha, China
2017  Healthy Buildings 2017 AsiaTainan, Taiwan, China
2017  Healthy Buildings 2017 EuropeLublin, Poland
2015  Healthy Buildings 2015 AmericaBoulder, CO
2015  Healthy Buildings 2015 EuropeEindhoven, The Netherlands
2012  Healthy Buildings 2012Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
2009  Healthy Buildings 2009Syracuse, New York
2006  Healthy Buildings 2006Lisbon, Portugal
2003  Healthy Buildings 2003Singapore
2000  Healthy Buildings 2000Helsinki, Finland
1997  Healthy Buildings 1997Bethesda, Maryland
1995  Healthy Buildings 1995Milan, Italy
1994  Healthy Buildings 1994Budapest, Hungary
1991  Healthy Buildings/IAQ 1991Washington, DC
1988  Healthy Buildings 1988Stockholm, Sweden

Joint Conferences

2019ISES-ISIAQ 2019 Joint ConferenceKaunas, Lithuania
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