ISIAQ Scientific and Technical Committees (STCs) STCs are voluntary committees.  If you would like to get involved, email the chairperson of the relevant STC.

Inclusive Excellence Committee [IEC] 
The Inclusive Excellence Committee wants to assure that all ISIAQ members feel welcome and acknowledged for their knowledge in the research fields that ISIAQ fosters and other fields. That means that the committee thinks along and watches for good distribution of, e.g., gender, region, etc., provided names if deemed necessary and helps conference organization if required. The committee currently consists of Harald Meyer and Chungyoon as board members together with Catherine Noakes and Shelly Miller who initiated the need for such attention.
Website Committee
The Website Committee is an adhoc committee for developing and updating the new website. The committee consist of the Secretariat (Pam Jensen; Doreen Albertson), Brent Stephens, Tiina Reponen, Harald Meyer, Elisa van Kenhove, Marcel Loomans).

Newsletter Committee
The Newsletter Committee prepares the regular newsletters for ISIAQ. It currently consists of the following members: Corinne Mandin, Harald Mayer, Glenn Morrison, Sylga Dögg Sigurjónsdóttir, Anders Lundin, Sverre B. Holøs, Marcel Loomans, Doreen Albertson. This includes some members from our current chapters. If you have any interesting information for the ISIAQ community (e.g. new research outcomes, student or PhD work, (national) symposia, etc.), please feel free to send that to the Secretariat so that we may include it in the next newsletter!

Corporate Members