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FiSIAQ Finnish Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate ISIAQ Chapter in Iceland ISIAQ Chapter in the Netherlands is an independent association under Dutch law, founded on January 4, 2000 under the name of aims to build a bridge between the scientific knowledge developed within ISIAQ and within (national) universities and other education institutions and the daily practice of indoor environment as well as the national policy on indoor environment. The board of our association consists of 5 members who are all volunteers. 

Individual membership is free, as are our activities, which include an annual symposium and so-called expert meetings.

Norwegian Chapter of ISIAQ Norwegian Chapter of the International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate
Norsk Innemiljøorgansisjon was established in 2000 with the ambition to “shoulder the total indoor environmental challenges in society”, and to provide an open multidiciplinary network for anyone interested in or working in different fields related to indoor environment. We have made a deliberate choice to reduce administration to an absolute minimum, and focus only on primary goals.  Individual membership has been free for more than a decade. Our primary activity is to provide arenas for dissemination, discussion and networking, mostly through after-work meetings, on average twice a year.  Press is invited to meetings to increase outreach and impact.  

SWESIAQ Swedish Chapter of the International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate
SWESIAQ is an independent, non-profit association. The society adopts a multidisciplinary approach with the objective of enhancing knowledge about the indoor environment and health, fostering collaboration among experts in fields such as medicine, chemistry, microbiology, and engineering.
As the national chapter of the International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate (ISIAQ), SWESIAQ plays a pivotal role in shaping the discourse on indoor air quality.
Within the SWESIAQ community, interdisciplinary working groups are established to produce guidance documents that offer expert advice on indoor air issues. A key outcome of this collaborative effort is The SWESIAQ Model—our comprehensive guide for conducting effective, systematic, and inclusive indoor environment investigations. Over time, supplementary documents addressing particular factors have been developed to provide additional support.

Chapters of the International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate

The International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate (ISIAQ) consists of members spread across many countries, disciplines and philosophies. To fulfill its objectives, as well as to expand its operation and to grow in strength, the Society desires to increase its presence in all regions of the world. In this way the Society will serve the local needs and will draw from local experience. An effective way to achieve this objective is to operate via National (or Regional) Chapters, which are serviced by members who are most aware of the local needs and strengths. This policy document describes the formation of Chapters as well as the roles, responsibilities, operation and activities of the Chapters. This policy document also describes the role and responsibility of ISIAQ as the Parent organization. Role of the Chapters

The role of the Chapters is four fold:
  1. To promote good IEQ via scientific, professional, administrative and legislative means.
  2. To promote activities and interests of ISIAQ at a national/regional level, by promoting participation in membership of the Chapter and the Parent Society and the activities and publications of the Parent Society, by serving as a reference point for professional information regarding indoor air, and by providing contact points for the existing ISIAQ members.
  3. To expand ISIAQ in all regions of the world and all countries by organizing professional events and by attracting new members.
  4. To reach all the members and to ensure their closer involvement with the activities of the Society.
Formation of the Chapters

A Chapter may be formed if it is demonstrated to ISIAQ’s BOD that the Chapter is invested in the above stated roles of Chapters with respect to the Society. At least one of the founding members should demonstrate an active involvement in the Society.

Initiation of Chapter formation should be a short proposal submitted to the BOD outlining:
  • Membership base and record of involvement in the Society
  • Brief plan for organization of the Chapter; and
  • A general description of proposed activities by the Chapter.
The BOD will assess the proposal and upon review, if accepted, its formation, program and contact information will be communicated to ISIAQ members in the Newsletter or by other means.

Each Chapter will initially be formed for three years, after which its operation will be reviewed by the BOD. Following recommendations from the review, the Chapter's operation can be extended for another three years, or can be terminated. The review process is conducted every three years.

Although ISIAQ membership is encouraged, it is recognized that due to local interests or circumstances, not all members of the Chapter would be ISIAQ members at the time of the Chapter formation, and may not be willing to join ISIAQ at any later stage. The Chapters are not prevented from accepting non ISIAQ members, however, it is expected that members of the Chapter will be encouraged, and be offered incentives (to be arranged w/ ISIAQ), to become ISIAQ members.

The Chapter shall submit an annual report to the ISIAQ BOD (to be included in ISIAQ Annual AGM presentation) describing its activities during the year, plans for the future, and current membership (in both the respective Chapter and that of ISIAQ).

Names and logos of the Chapters

It is expected that each Chapter will be called:
“Name of the country” Chapter of the International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate (For example: “Dutch Chapter of ISIAQ).

For the purpose of local communication and identification, the chapters may adopt a second name, in the language of the country. The name should be proposed to, and accepted by the BOD. In any official communication (stationery, publications, etc), the Chapter must use both names. The format of the logo of the chapters is expected to be ISIAQ logo with letters, where xyz represents the international acronym of the country.  A unique logo may be accepted if it clearly associates with the ISIAQ logo.  The ISIAQ original logo and web-link to as well as information about ISIAQ must be published on the chapter's website.  A short text in English about the chapter is expected to be published.

Operation of Chapters

Each Chapter is led by a person elected by Chapter members as the chair (the inaugural Chapter chair shall be a volunteer, submitted with the initial proposal to the ISIAQ BOD for review). The chair is expected to be an active member of ISIAQ and should be supported by a small committee comprised of at least a deputy chair and a secretary. It is encouraged that the majority of the committee members will be, or soon become, members of ISIAQ.

Details pertaining to the chair and the corresponding committee shall be provided to the ISIAQ BOD for their review at the inception of the Chapter (initial proposal for formation), and on an annual basis as part of the yearly report for ISIAQ’s AGM. The Chapter chair (and the committee) terms of office shall be at the discretion of the individual Chapter, however it is suggested  that the term of office be no longer than three years. 

Each Chapter should have an office or at least an address for communication.

As mentioned above, once a year the Chapter should present a concise report to the BOD, for inclusion in ISIAQ’s AGM, describing its activities during the year, plans for the future, and current membership (in both the respective Chapter and that of ISIAQ).

The Chapters may elect to collect membership fees to cover the expenses necessary for its operation. The fee structure should be set up such that discounts would be available for the members of ISIAQ, already paying ISIAQ membership fee. Financial and fundraising policy adopted by the Chapter must be consistent with ISIAQ’s Policy on Accepting Financial Support. The Chapters will provide documentation to the ISIAQ BOD on monetary sources and other donations, indicating the donor(s), in the Chapter annual report.

Activities of the Chapters

The following are examples of activities that, in principle, are encouraged to be undertaken by each Chapter:
  • promote good IAQ for the benefits of public health and welfare via scientific, professional, administrative and legislative means that are available and relevant within the Region or Country of the Chapter;
  • establishing and maintaining communication with the members in their area;
  • identify the local needs and capabilities in the areas of information exchange, training, discussion forum, etc;
  • organize and co-organize activities such as meetings, seminars, conferences, workshops or training courses; it is highly encouraged that Chapter outreach activities be co-organized with ISIAQ;
  • communicate to the BOD of specific needs and capabilities of the Chapter;
  • seek the Society's support on specific activities;
  • promote the Society by inclusion of information about the Society in the local media, as well as during relevant professional events; and
  • identify local channels for financial support either for organizing local events, or for membership participation in major Society events.

ISIAQ is a technical society that promotes the indoor air quality sciences. As such, ISIAQ is not organized to promote commercial interests.  Chapter use of the ISIAQ name and/or logos shall not be done in a way that implies ISIAQ endorsement or approval. The intent of presentations and activities of the Chapter, or members acting on behalf of the Chapter or ISIAQ, shall be to promote the objectives of the society (see Roles and Activities above), not advertise nor promote commercial entities.

Interactions of the Chapters with other national or regional professional organizations 

The Chapters may wish to identify local professional organizations with overlapping or complementary interests and establish links with these organizations in order to support each other's activities, for the mutual benefit of the members.

The links established could be informal or could progress towards an MOU between the ISIAQ Chapter and the local professional organization.

 Society's support for the Chapters

Society supports the Chapters by:
  • providing information about the Chapters operation and activities to all the members either in the Newsletter by other means;
  • providing advice on organization of specific activities or events;
  • providing support in major local activities, by direct involvement of the Society, and designated BOD members;
  • supplying the Chapter with membership brochures, posters and other relevant materials. It is the responsibility of the Chapters to identify the best means for copying and distributing these materials to its members.

Serious disputes between a Chapter and ISIAQ

In the case where ISIAQ BOD questions the selection of the chair and/or another Chapter committee member who has been elected by the chapter, or the BOD considers that the chair, another Chapter committee member or the Chapter acts in disagreement with the ISIAQ policies and objectives, the BOD will approach the chapter with an itemized and specific request for clarification of the situation. After receiving the clarification the BOD will consider its contents, and, if deemed necessary and useful, will negotiate with the Chapter to resolve the issue.

If these procedures do not lead to a solution, acceptable to the ISIAQ BOD, it may decide to dismiss the Chapter. This means that the chapter can no longer use any name that associates it with ISIAQ, use ISIAQ logo or a logo resembling it, no more enjoys any of the benefits of the ISIAQ Chapter, and any agreements between ISIAQ and the Chapter are immediately invalidated. At the same time ISIAQ will inform via Newsletter, and possibly other means, its decision with the Chapter and explain the reasons and processes that have lead to this decision.

Corporate and Other Organizational Members
Any reference obtained from this Website to a Corporate/Other Organizational Member does not constitute or imply an endorsement by ISIAQ of the product, process, or service, of its producer or provider. The views and opinions expressed by any Corporate Members do not necessarily state or reflect those of ISIAQ.
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