ISIAQ Code of Ethics

The International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate (ISIAQ) is an international, independent, multidisciplinary, scientific, non-profit organisation whose purpose is to support the creation of healthy, comfortable and productive indoor environments.

ISIAQ commits itself and its members to uphold and advance integrity, freedom and tolerance in science. The members also give due consideration to cultural and economic diversity in society.

ISIAQ members support and promote sustainability and lasting development of the environment and the society. They are always conscious of their responsibility to future generations.

ISIAQ members always seek to advance indoor sciences, understand the limitations of their knowledge and act with respect to honesty towards themselves and towards others. They have realised that honesty is both an ethical principle and the basis of professional conduct in scientific practice.

ISIAQ members are aware that they are responsible for the impact of their research and activities on man and the environment. They respect all laws and international conventions applicable to their work. They decline the misuse of scientific knowledge for the development of weapons and other devices that could be used in any kind of warfare. It is the aim of indoor related research to improve human welfare. Therefore, it is a special responsibility of ISIAQ members to communicate with the general public about the nature and the results of their activities.

Indoor related research and practice may directly affect the life of individuals. Notably, ISIAQ members must act faithfully and in a professional manner and respect the privacy and confidentiality of others. All statements and conclusions should be made with care and precision.

ISIAQ members honour scientific facts, the intellectual property rights and the intellectual endeavours of others. In discussions, correspondence and publications their arguments are always objective and they avoid any kind of personal criticism.

ISIAQ members acting as editors or reviewers for scientific journals and research organizations give an unbiased consideration to all manuscripts and applications. They respect the intellectual independence of authors, judge objectively and disclose conflicts of interest.

ISIAQ members acting as authors or applicants are always jointly responsible for the content of the submitted material. In no case ISIAQ members use the society, its logo and its publications for the promotion of commercial interests.

It is one of the principle missions of ISIAQ members to convey ethical guidelines and codes of conduct to students, to young scientists, practitioners and scholars.

Members who contravene these principles damage the reputation of ISIAQ and their profession and risk being banned from ISIAQ.
Corporate and Other Organizational Members
Any reference obtained from this Website to a Corporate/Other Organizational Member does not constitute or imply an endorsement by ISIAQ of the product, process, or service, of its producer or provider. The views and opinions expressed by any Corporate Members do not necessarily state or reflect those of ISIAQ.
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