Greening and Sustainability for ISIAQ Conferences

At the International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate (ISIAQ), we are committed to fostering a greener and more sustainable future, including through our annual conferences. Recognizing the imperative of addressing environmental challenges, we are dedicated to minimizing our ecological footprint while promoting the exchange of scientific knowledge on a global scale. Our efforts extend not only to the content of our conferences but also to their physical execution, exemplifying our commitment to a healthier planet for current and future generations.
1. Carbon Neutrality and Reduced Environmental Impact:
We understand the environmental impact of international travel and conference activities. To mitigate this impact, we encourage conference organizers to implement measures to minimize our carbon footprint. Conference organizers are encouraged to pursue partnerships with venues and service providers that share our commitment to sustainability. We encourage the use of public transportation to reduce travel-related emissions.
2. Virtual Participation:
When feasible, conference organizers are encouraged to have virtual participation and presentation options available to minimize the need for travel. Virtual options provide access to those who are unable to participate in-person and better serves the ISIAQ global community.
3. Rotating Location Selection:
ISIAQ is a global community. ISIAQ’s conferences are held in different international locations each year, showcasing our dedication to inclusivity and global collaboration. We recognize that there is no convenient location for all ISIAQ members, and we aim to rotate the conference location to allow all members the opportunity to attend a conveniently located and accessible conference in a three-year cycle. Conference location is dependent upon the number of submitted proposals to host in a given year, but the ISIAQ Board of Directors takes location and direct travel options into consideration when evaluating proposals.
4. Sustainable Conference Materials:
We strive to minimize the environmental impact of our conference materials. Conference organizers are recommended to utilize digital platforms for conference programs, schedules, and abstracts, reducing the need for printed materials. When print materials are necessary, we prioritize recycled and FSC-certified paper. Furthermore, conference organizers are encouraged to limit the giveaways of the conference to consumable goods or other sustainable gifts. Conference organizers are further encouraged to source local food and beverage options, including providing vegetarian meals. Vendors are requested to eliminate the use of single-use items and plastics for utensils, plates, cups, etc., when possible. When available, biodegradable materials are encouraged.
5. Community Engagement and Legacy Projects:
As part of our commitment to sustainability, we request conference organizers engage with local communities in the host location to support environmental initiatives. These engagement efforts may include tree planting, beach cleanups, or educational workshops. By leaving a positive impact in the communities we visit, we ensure that our conferences contribute to both scientific knowledge and local environmental well-being.
6. Continuous Improvement:
We view our greening and sustainability efforts as an ongoing journey. We actively seek feedback from attendees, members, and partners to identify opportunities for improvement. We are committed to adopting innovative practices that align with our mission and that further our environmental stewardship goals.
In embracing these principles, ISIAQ reaffirms its commitment to driving positive change in the scientific community and beyond. Through our sustainable conference practices and the rotation of international event locations, we aim to inspire others and demonstrate that scientific advancement and ecological responsibility can harmoniously coexist.
By attending our conferences, participants are not only contributing to the progress of their respective fields but also joining us on our journey towards a greener, more sustainable future. Together, we can foster meaningful change and make a lasting impact on the health of our planet.

Corporate and Other Organizational Members
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