About the Academy

In 2005, the International Academy of Indoor Air Sciences (IAIAS) merged with ISIAQ and became the Academy of Fellows. The IAIAS was founded in 1991 and election to IAIAS is in recognition of research, practice, and/or outstanding service in the field of indoor air sciences. The IAIAS hosts the Indoor Air conference. Following the merger, the Academy retains primary responsibilities to (a) nominate and elect additional Fellows; and (b) promote and select awards. The awards include:
  1. Lifetime Achievement Award - bestowed on occasion to scholars who have made seminal contributions to the indoor air sciences through their career's work
  2. Pettenkofer Gold Medal - awarded to an individual in recognition of outstanding work in advancing the indoor air sciences
  3. Yaglou Award - acknowledge outstanding work of young promising researchers within the indoor air sciences and to encourage them to continue their career in this field
  4. Best Paper Awards - granted to the top papers published in "Indoor Air" during the previous three years, as judged by the editors and editorial board; and
  5. Student Awards - established in 2008 and are granted in two categories:
    1.  Student Achievement Awards are given to students based on their commitment and dedication to the field for any combination of academic, professional, and research achievements;
    2. Student Paper Awards are given to students who have published an outstanding paper in the field of indoor air quality during the past year
New Academy Fellows
 Nicola Carslaw United Kingdom
 Marzenna Dudzinska Poland
 Kati Huttunen Finland
 Kazuhide Ito Japan
 Petros Koutrakis United States
 Li Lan Pr China
 Jinhan Mo Pr China
 Paula Olsiewski United States
 Dustin Poppendieck   United States
 Aneta Wierzbicka Sweden
Corporate and Other Organizational Members
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