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Air Cleaning for Exposure Control
Acceptable Indoor Air Quality in Childcare Centres is Achievable Even During Haze Period
Biomarkers and Biomonitoring Studies
Thinking on related issues about biorhythm synchronization and indoor environment
Building Characteristics, Energy Efficiency, Health and Satisfaction with IEQ
The effects of the total floor area of a building on buildingrelated symptoms in air-conditioned office buildings: A crosssectional study
Estimating and Comparing the Burden of Disease of Indoor Air Pollutants in European Countries, USA, and China
Burden of disease due to indoor exposures in Europe
Holistic View on the Internaction Between Residents and Indoor Air Quality in Dwellings
Indoor air quality and occupant satisfaction in BREEAM and WELL certified buildings: A case study
Improving Indoor Air Quality in Buildings
Measuring Dynamic Behaviour of Volatile Organic Compound Levels in a Zero-Energy Building
Indoor Environment, Occupant Health and Behavior
Biophilic adaptation at the workplace: Multidimensional impact on human's behavior
Minimizing Stressor Exposure: From Source Control to Workplaces
Test method for measuring pollutant removal of induction cooktop with integrated downdraft
National and International IEQ Guidelines
Scandinavian IEQ Guidelines
Comparison between PMF and isotopic compositions on carbon and Pb sources investigation
Assessing the relative importance of mucosal exposure and inhalation exposure to airborne particles
Contribution of Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD) Fine Particulate Matter (PM2.5) Fused Surfaces in Assessing Risk of Respiratory-Cardiovascular Hospitalizations and Emergency Room Visits in Baltimore
Development of a prediction model for indoor PM2.5 concentrations - the case in Tainan households
Building up PM2.5 personal exposure model based on time-weighted universal kriging
Elevated lead concentration in air of closed shooting ranges - a public health concern to be addressed in future
Residential indoor environment and self-reported health in Northeast China
Field investigation of thermal comfort level of patients and surgical staff in operating rooms at St Olavs hospital
Characterization of environmental multi-exposure to pesticides in pregnant women
Development of predictive models for PM2.5 concentration in office
Student Poster Competition
Enhancement of thermal comfort in summer conditions by the use of personalized ceiling fans
Measurement of Local Clothing Properties for Human Thermal Comfort Evaluation
Exposure assessment of VOC emissions from polymer-based consumer products
Thermal Comfort, Moisture & Mold
Physiological and psychological responses to ambient humidity from young and elder subject experiment
Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality Studies
Thermal comfort in a deep plan naturally ventilation atrium
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