HB2015 Europe Sloan Symposium Videos

Healthy Buildings 2015 Europe - Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Sloan Symposium
Support provided by a grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

Miia Pitkäranta "Molecular Tools & Microbial Ecology of Buildings - A Practitioner's View"

Jordan Peccia "Revolution/Evolution - DNA Sequencing To Identify Indoor Air Microorganisms"

Jeffrey Siegel "Moisture and the Indoor Microbiome"


Anne Hyvärinen "Assessment of Moisture and Mold Problems - the Finnish Example"

Kristian F. Nielsen "Microbila Growth and Interactions on Indoor Surfaces - Microbila Secondary Metabolites and Mycotoxins"


Maria Nunez "Microbial Sampling in Building Surveys - What and Why are We Sampling"

Tiina Reponen "Main Principles for Bioaerosol Sampling and Analysis"

Martin Täubel "Quantitative PCR in Microbial Assessment of Indoor Spaces"

Mark Hernandez "Optical Particle Recogntion for (Practical) Discrimiation Between Bioaerosol Classes"

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