Dear ISIAQ Members,

ISIAQ is excited to announce the creation of a mentorship program! Dr. Brent Stephens from IIT will be serving as the program coordinator. 

The mentorship program will allow students and early-career ISIAQ members to align with senior ISIAQ members, forming a mentor-mentee relationship that can strengthen the society, advance the profession, and build lifelong collaborations and friendships.  

The program will provide mentees with mentorship and guidance from ISIAQ researchers outside of their home institutions, providing them with early career advice, research and publication advice, discussions about current and emerging topics in the indoor environmental science field, and an opportunity for the mentee to network with senior members.  

We are currently seeking ISIAQ members who would like to volunteer as mentors for the inaugural year of the program.  ISIAQ members from all disciplines are encouraged to participate.  Mentors will be paired with a mentee with similar research interests for a period of a year, commencing August 2013.  Mentors and their mentees will interact through e-mail correspondence and face-to-face mentorship meetings and breakfasts at ISIAQ conferences.  The ISIAQ mentorship program coordinator, Dr. Brent Stephens, will work to align mentors and mentees and will pose monthly discussion topics to help start conversations among program participants.

To sign up for the mentorship program, please click here.  Please note you must be a current member to view this page, if you are not logged in, you will be prompted to do so.

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