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Welcome to ISIAQ, the International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate

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ISIAQ is an international, independent, multidisciplinary, scientific, non-profit organization whose purpose is to support the creation of healthy, comfortable and productive indoor environments. We strongly believe this is achievable by advancing the science and technology of indoor air quality and climate as it relates to indoor environmental design, construction, operation and maintenance, air quality measurement and health sciences.

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Healthy Buildings 2015 Europe, Eindhoven, The Netherlands huge success!
The first in our regional conference format was attended by over 400 participants. There was a wide range of plenary and technical sessions.  If you didn't have the opportunity to attend this informative conference, we have made the following videos available.

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  • Conference Overview
  • Sloan Foundation Symposium: HB2015-Europe Plenary Lecture by Miia Pitkäranta, PhD - "Molecular Tools & Microbial Ecology of Buildings - A Practitioner's View"

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Healthy Buildings 2015 Europe

  • Dr. Miia Pitkäranta: "Molecular Tools & Microbial Ecology of Buildings - A Practitioner's View"
  • Prof. Wouter van Marken Lichtenbelt: "To Comfort or Not to Comfort"
  • Prof. Christoph van Treech: "What Does Healthy Buildings Mean in Terms of Energy Efficiency"
  • Adrian Leaman:  "Deconstructing building performance: with emphasis on needs, perceived health and productivity"
  • Dr. Séverine Kirchner: "Improving Indoor Environment, Survival Kit for Action"

Healthy Buildings 2015 America

  • Chuck Kutscher: “Climate Change: The Latest Science, Why It’s Serious, and What We Can Do About It”
  • Arlene Blum: “How Science Can Impact Policy and Purchasing: Flame Retardants and other Classes of Harmful Chemicals”
  • Jessica Green: “Next-generation Indoor Environmental Quality”
  • Ellen Tohn: “The Role of Buildings in Health and Energy Policies”
  • Bronwyn Barry: “Looking at IAQ as a Team Sport: The Passive House Playbook”
  • Lan Chi Weekes: “Legionella in Building Water Systems: what do we know and what next?”
  • John Adgate: “Healthy Buildings and Healthy People:  What We Know and What We’d Like to Learn”

HB2015 Europe Sloan Symposium Videos
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  • Miia Pitkäranta: "Molecular Tools & Microbial Ecology of Buildings - A Practitioner's View"
  • Jordan Peccia: "Revolution/Evolution - DNA Sequencing To Identify Indoor Air Microorganisms"
  • Jeffrey Siegel: "Moisture and the Indoor Microbiome"
  • Anne Hyvärinen: "Assessment of Moisture and Mold Problems - the Finnish Example"
  • Kristian F. Nielsen: "Microbila Growth and Interactions on Indoor Surfaces - Microbila Secondary Metabolites and Mycotoxins"
  • Maria Nunez: "Microbial Sampling in Building Surveys - What and Why are We Sampling"
  • Tiina Reponen: "Main Principles for Bioaerosol Sampling and Analysis"
  • Martin Täubel:  "Quantitative PCR in Microbial Assessment of Indoor Spaces"
  • Mark Hernandez: "Optical Particle Recogntion for (Practical) Discrimiation Between Bioaerosol Classes"
ISIAQ Mentorship Program
ISIAQ is excited to announce the creation of a mentorship program! Dr. Brent Stephens from IIT will be serving as the program coordinator.

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ISIAQ's 2015 Annual General Meeting and 2014 Annual Report to members
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2014 Academy Awards
The 2014 Acadmeny Awards were presented at Indoor Air 2014. Click here to find out who the winners are.

Calendar of Events

Indoor Air 2016
Ghent, Belgium, July 3-8, 2016
The Indoor Air conference series is the flagship conference of ISIAQ, a broad and multidisciplinary society for anyone dealing with indoor air related research. Indoor Air 2016’s technical program covers all research related to indoor air quality and climate: from health effects and epidemiology to source and airflow fundamentals over every possible effect that modifies both and the exposure in between.

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Ghent, Belgium, Jul 3rd, 2016
The 14th International Conference on Indoor Air Quality and Climate
, Jul 18th, 2016
Crowne Plaza Old Town Alexandria, Sep 12th, 2016
Utrecht, The Netherlands, Oct 9th, 2016
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