December 2017

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

2017 is coming to an end and I assume that many of you will be struggling to assure that you manage to finish all that was planned at its start. It may sometimes seem that time is running ahead of us. For me personally this year, time was suddenly placed in a totally different perspective. It all came back to what is really important in life, good health and the company of family and friends. It also meant that my intended activities for ISIAQ had to be scaled down. However I, or should I say we as a society, was lucky to have such an excellent board that was able to take over right away and assure that everything kept running as it should. Because in the meantime a lot has happened.

2017 was a busy year for ISIAQ with many activities. We had our two very successful regional Healthy Buildings conferences in Lublin, Poland (Healthy Buildings 2017 Europe) and in Tainan, Taiwan (Healthy Buildings 2017 Asia). Both were well organized and well received. Congratulations to the organizers for this achievement. In addition to that the ISIAQ Board started several activities. The student travel awards were introduced and we welcomed the first winners at the Healthy Buildings regional conferences! We also opened up one of our important assets for our members, the conference proceedings. Together with that we initiated the development of a new website for ISIAQ which should be visible to the world around May 2018. An additional member survey provides us with a better insight into what members expect from ISIAQ. There is still work to do... In line with that we tightened the connection to our Chapters and are reviewing the wishes and expectations of our STCs. In the meantime we are proposing amendments to the bylaws to align with current reality (which soon will be presented to the membership for a vote) and we are taking steps to assure inclusion of all with a special committee devoted to that topic.

As you can see, a lot has happened. But we are only at the start and time remains the biggest challenge. 2018 will be bustling with continued activity on these and other topics. Besides that of course we will have our Indoor Air conference in Philadelphia (don't forget to submit your paper/abstract, the deadline is approaching soon!)

Coming back to the start of this message... Activities never stop, however there should be time to reflect and rethink. These days, at the turn of the year, it is useful to remember this. Though it has often been said, and I know from my own experience, I hope you will be able to do that and enjoy this time together with friends and family.

Having said that I wish you good and warm festive days and all the best for 2018. A year that will bring what you hope for and will also be another successful one for ISIAQ!

With kind regards,

Marcel Loomans
President of ISIAQ

ISIAQ - December 2017