September 2017

HB2017 Lublin: An Exciting Conference in the Heart of Europe

Healthy Buildings 2017 Europe took place 2-5 July at Lublin University of Technology (LUT).  The conference President was Prof. Marzenna Dudzinska, the Head of Indoor and Outdoor Air Quality Department at Environmental Engineering Faculty.  The conference was held under the patronage of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Marshal of the Lublin Province and the President of Lublin City and its Partners including the Voivodeship Fund of Environmental Protection and Water Management and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

The 320 oral and poster presentations addressed many issues related to guidelines and policies in different countries; nZEB and smart buildings; the influence of indoor air on human health and work performance; indoor air pollutants and exposure assessment as well as new materials and solutions in the building industry and corresponding new challenges. The proceedings will soon be available online for ISIAQ members.

HB2017 Europe participants wholeheartedly agreed that the conference was a remarkable success, both scientifically and socially.  Attendees were impressed by the professional organization of the conference, in particular the support of the 15 volunteer students of the  Environmental Engineering Faculty, who also took advantage of the opportunity to meet with top scientists from their fields of study.

We hope you have also enjoyed HB2017 Europe, along with the LUT campus and the city of Lublin. You can reminisce about a great time spent at LUT by browsing through photos and watching videos found at this link:


  •  344 Participants from 38 countries including Japan (52 participants), USA (33 participants) and China (17 participants)

  • 33 Parallel sessions + 2 poster viewing sessions + 11 workshops + 7 keynotes

  •  320 Presentations

  • 81 Reviewers   

  • 3 ISIAQ Student Travel Awardees


Postdoctoral Positions in Energy and Indoor Environmental Quality in Buildings

Five postdoctoral positions are open: four located in Singapore and one at UC Berkeley.

The Postdoctoral Scholars positions are for candidates who obtained (or are in the process of obtaining) their doctoral degree within the last five years.

The candidates will work within SinBerBEST project.  SinBerBEST is a large joint research project between UC Berkeley, National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, and Singapore University of Technology and Design.  This effort aims to improve energy efficiency, sustainability and indoor environmental quality in buildings in tropical climates.

All appointments are for an initial period of one year with the possibility of renewal up to five years. Applicants should apply here.

Applications are being reviewed as received with an interest in early appointment.  Intended start date should be 1 January 2018 (preferred) or earlier and no later than 1 June 2018.

Nationwide Survey on Indoor Radon in Ireland

The Irish EPA recently published a report entitled Updating Ireland’s National Average Indoor Radon Concentration Using a New Survey Protocol.

The report outlines the design of the survey and its implementation.  It establishes Ireland's national average indoor radon concentration to be 77 Bq/m3, corresponding to a decrease of 13% from the 89 Bq/m3 established in the 1990s.  The reduction shows the effectiveness of the National Radon Control Strategy over time, and particularly the regulations introduced in 1998.

ISIAQ - September 2017