January 2016

Indoor Air journal - Special Issue

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We are pleased to inform you of the special issue of ISIAQ.s journal, Indoor Air. The special issue of V26, N1, contains 10 keynote lectures from ISIAQ's major conference series, Indoor Air 'xx. The conference was organized by Professor Yuguo Li of Hong Kong University, former member of the ISIAQ Board of Directors and currently Vice-Chairman of the ISIAQ Academy of Fellows. Following is the Editorial by Professor LI that introduces the special issue. As a member of ISIAQ you have on-line access to all issues of the journal since its establishment in 1991 as well as discounted registration rates for ISIAQ's conferences.

As an ISIAQ member you have access to the complete issue available now at http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/ina.2016.26.issue-1/issuetoc

We hope you will take advantage of this very special issue and that we will see you at our next conference, Indoor Air 2016, in July.

Hal Levin, ISIAQ Administrator
Glenn Morrison, President, ISIAQ Board of Directors
William W Nazaroff, Editor, Indoor Air journal


The ‘impurity’ of indoor air

Professor Yuguo Li

It is a great pleasure to present this special issue, featuring articles developed from keynote lectures presented at Indoor Air 2014, Hong Kong.


Indoor Air 2016

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