IA 2008 Proceedings page

Volume 1
Sustainable schools: Better than traditional schools?
Sustainable HRH heating for school; A good solution for energy saving, but what about the thermal comfort?
Mould-growth in Danish dwellings
A study on urban thermal field and heat island effect of Lanzhou city in summer
The relationship between severity of indoor visible mold and respiratory health among pre-school children in Taiwan
Evaluation of detailed thermal environment and cooling loads for task and ambient air-conditioning systems using unsteady-state simulation that combines macroscopic model with CFD
A comparative study of ADMS, ASHRAE and wind tunnel simulation for rooftop dispersion of airborne pollutants
Generation of dust balls and their aerodynamic properties
Emission of volatile organic compounds from deacidified paper
The Vinegar Syndrome. Early warning improves the occupational health and the preservation of the collection of films
Total building economic consequences of the effect of temperature on mental performance of office workers
Indoors mould removal: do official guidelines and training help to improve mould removal?
Modelling of particle movement in ventilated rooms ? Orientation distributions of nonspherical particles
Comparisons between predictions of numerical thermal manikin model and experiments under solar radiation
Examination on performance of headset incorporated personalized ventilation unit using CFD method
The impact of building materials interaction on perceived air quality
Building services engineering in health care ? A Swiss CTI and brenet project
Development and validation of desktop and rectangular air terminal devices for personalized ventilation in the Tropics
Droplets expelled during human expiratory activities and their origin
Particle emission from laser printers
Indoor environmental quality in assessment system of buildings
Transport and deposition of aerosols in child respiratory airways in full breathing cycle
Indoor aerosol transport and deposition for various types of space heating
Environmental evaluation of fresh water aquarium with glass roof
Impact of air movement on perceived air quality at different pollution level and temperature
A new detailed model for indoor air chemistry
Avoiding draught discomfort with personalized ventilation used at the low range of comfortable room air temperature
HVAC solution for shopping centers
Impact of air movement on perceived air quality at different level of relative humidity
The correlation of microbial and chemical contents of indoor air and percieved IAQ
Formaldehyde in newly built dwellings
A pilot study on the effects of building ventilation duct cleaning on indoor air quality and SBS symptoms of occupants
Improved thermal comfort with a personal cooling vest
Non-complaint office buildings
Indoor climate and global climate change: Exploring connections
Air temperature effects on thermal perception and a salivary biomarker in non-asthmatic and asthmatic subjects in the Tropics
Evaluation of thermal comfort in wall cooling system
Inhalation of reaction products from ozone-initiated indoor chemistry
Manipulation of building envelope wind pressure loading via moveable flow-resistance devices
Study on change evaluation of indoor air quality on newly-established elementary schools by educational activities in Seoul Korea
Indoor environment characteristics in dwellings in Sofia
Methodology for examination of respiratory and cardiovascular effects of airborne nanoparticles abundant in indoor environments
An acceptable level of odor in dwellings
Evaluation of odor in Japanese dwellings
Passive housing design for preventing winter mould growth
A study on indoor environment in bedroom and segmentation of sleepers in Korea
Removal of influenza viral aerosols by high efficiency electrostatic air cleaner and implications for household infection transmission
Impact of varying ventilation and recirculation rates in the presence of different filters scenarios on energy consumption
Sources of metal exposure in the home environment as predictors of body burden in infants living in a mining-impacted community
Material labelling: Combined material emission tests and sensory evaluations
A simple method to simulate complex air diffusers used for underfloor air distribution systems
Volume 2
Engineering interventions of indoor transmission of airborne diseases in an urban community
Fundamental study on perflourocarbon tracer gas technique
Harmonisation of material emission labelling schemes in the EU
Ventilation in Japanese schools
Quality assessment in building survey
Impact of home based economic activities on housing and microenvironment
The combined effects of thermal environment and ventilation rate on productivity
Actions against dampness and mould ? A case study review
Presentation of a local indoor air service in Belgium ? few cases and results of interventions
VOCs removal by gas ? Liquid contactor immersed in ionized water
Results from a two part study of the airliner cabin environment
A study on the evaluation of measurement uncertainty in the HCHO emission test by using small chamber
Study on human physiological models for hot environments
Formaldehyde emissions from mineral wool in building constructions into indoor air
Comprehensive Analysis of indoor air - Untargeted GC/MS analysis of SPE trapped organic compounds for classification of "sick" buildings using uni- and multivariate data analysis
Formaldehyde in new dwellings
Study of the basic indoor environmental parameters in the office building and their influence on the quality of working environment
Formaldehyde analysis in complex aqueous media by HPLC/post-column derivatization: A key-method to avoid interferences
The method to quantifying the supply airflow rate in the under-floor air distribution (UFAD) systems
The effect of mould in schools on nasal patency of primary school students
Review on visual comfort in office buildings and influence of daylight in productivity
?Healthy? eye in office-like environments
Which indoor pollutants are relevant to measure?
Airway effects of ultra-fine particles formed in the ozone-limonene system
The BUMA (Prioritization of building materials as indoor pollution sources) project: An Overview
Window-opening behaviour when classroom temperature and air quality are manipulated experimentally (ASHRARE 1257-RP)
The performance of schoolwork by children is not affected by short-term electrostatic particle filtration outside the pollen season
Assessment of the catalytic decomposition of volatile organic compounds for IAQ improvement
Relationship between indoor air particle pollution and the phenomenon of "black magic dust" in housings
Determinations of mVOCs by a solid phase microextraction diffusive sampler
Retrospective field study of the long-term performance of remediation methods in major building crawl space foundations
Influence of heat exchanger design on condensate carryover
Indoor SVOC dynamics: chlorpyrifos partitioning and persistence
Exposure to elemental mercury from a spill
Calculation of Johnson and Ettinger model parameters using indoor air and soil gas measurements
The evaluation of productivity and energy consumption in 28?C office with several cooling methods for workers
Methods of post occupancy assessment for post-disaster housing
On the association between dorm environmental factors and asthma and allergies among college students in China
Investigation of surface temperature distributions of UVC lamps under variable flow conditions using infrared camera measurements
Modeling and measurement of the irradiance distribution in an in-duct UVGI device
Collection of submicron aerosol particles using a fibrous filter with ion generators
Silver-deposited activated carbon fiber for bioaerosol control
Rapid monitoring of indoor bioaerosols using impactor and ATP bioluminescence
Objective evaluation method of workers? physiological responses that affect productivity in moderately hot environment
Measurement of airborne respirable particles containing Japanese cedar pollen allergen (Cry j 1) in Saitama residential zones of Kanto Area, Japan
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