Healthy Buildings 2025 Call for Proposals

The ISIAQ Board of Directors invites Letters of Interest to host the ISIAQ International Healthy Buildings 2025 Regional Conference.  Letters of Interest are solicited for conferences to be held in the Eastern Hemisphere. The leadership team should include an ISIAQ member.
The Healthy Buildings (HB) Conference Series provides a forum that bridges science to practice, highlighting the practical implications of new research/science being reported. The regional aspects of the HB events were intended to create more localized visibility for ISIAQ, specific to issues that may be of more interest or urgency within the geographical location. This conference is presented over three days and is typically attended by 300+ participants, most of whom present at the conference.
The Letter of Interest should describe in outline form the major features of the proposed conference including the following:
  • Proposed host organization
  • Proposed conference president and other key organizers
  • Person with authority to bind the host organization (if other than the proposed host)
  • Proposed conference theme (philosophy and intentions)
  • Proposed activities related to involving practitioners in the organization and/or lay-out of the conference (this request holds specifically to Healthy Buildings conferences which try to connect more closely with practice)
  • Proposed venue: city and facility, facility capacity for plenary and number of breakout rooms with capacity greater than 30 and 50 persons
  • Estimated room cost of potential conference hotels and distance from conference venue
  • Lodging options for students
  • Proposed registration fees for full registrants, students
  • Any plans for a virtual component to the conference
  • Expected sponsors and potential amounts of support
Note that the Letters of Interest will be subjected to a review process. Based on its review of the Letters of Interest, the ISIAQ Board of Directors will then invite qualified potential hosts to submit full proposals.  Letters of interest must be received by 30 April 2023. Send letters of interest to the ISIAQ Secretariat.
Letters of Interest showing merit will be invited to submit a full proposal. The deadline for full proposal will be 1 July 2023.  
If you have any questions, please email the ISIAQ Secretariat ( 

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